2018 Sprint Institute

Implementing “GASB 68-Session I: Down and Dirty with the Numbers

Implementing “GASB 68-Session  I:  Down and Dirty with the Numbers
This session quickly provides an overview of the public pensions including the changes required by GASB 68: Accounting and Financial Reporting for Pensions.  It will then discuss in  detail the proposed reporting packages that each TMRS member city will receive from TMRS and their consulting actuarial firm: Gabriel Roeder Smith.  Sample journal entries and the GAAP conversion sheets necessary to convert a city’s current budget basis accounting for pensions to a GASB 68 and GASB 71 compliant reporting for the government wide and proprietary fund statements.
Robert B. (Bob) Scott, ACM/Chief Financial Officer, City of Carrollton and Keith Dagen, Assistant Director of Finance, City of Richardson
Keith Dagen Bio  GFOAT 68 Pension Accounting Handout 2

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