2018 Sprint Institute

GASB 68-Session II: Playing Nice with Others for a Smooth Implementation and Audit

GASB 68-Session II:  Playing Nice with Others for a Smooth Implementation and Audit
Responsibility for a government’s financial statements including the related pension numbers rests solely with the government.  However, the nature and size of the pension numbers will require a great deal of coordination between the employer, their auditor and TMRS, their auditor and their consulting actuary.  This session will begin with an overview of the AICPA whitepaper on Multiple-Employer Agent Plans including the related Audit interpretations and conclude with a panel presentation by TMRS, their auditor and their actuary to explain the changes to the TMRS reporting package vs. funding packages, the new SOC1 Type 2 reports on Fiduciary Net Position  and Census Data and the GASB 68 reporting package published by the consulting actuary.
Robert B. (Bob) Scott, ACM/Chief Financial Officer, City of Carrollton, Rhonda Covarrubias, Director of Finance, Leslee Hardy, Director of Actuarial Services, TMRS, and Susan Warren, Audit Partner, KPMG
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